Stephen Wantz, Commissioner

Stephen Wantz, Commissioner

For Immediate Release

October 16, 2017
I have officially registered as a candidate for re-election as your District 1 County Commissioner. The past 3 years I have worked diligently not just for the citizens in District 1, but for everyone across the county. With the speed in which government operates, it continues to be a challenge to accomplish all of my goals and objectives in 4 years. I have worked hard to assure we are moving our County in a positive direction, and to provide consistent strong leadership, and provide needed resources to you our citizens. I believe it is important to continue my work, moving us in a positive direction, protecting Carroll’s future. My focus remains on using a common sense approach, and gathering information and community input, to continue bringing New Vision and New Direction, making the best decisions for our Carroll County as a whole. I have been very much out and about in our communities, and have heard your concerns and needs. We have much to be proud of, and I ask that you allow me to continue my efforts to maintain Carroll County as the best place to live, work and play. I will need your help in the coming months leading up to the June primary election and ask that you consider donating to Citizens for Stephen Wantz.

Please help me to help you by donating utilizing my PayPal account or sending donations to:

Citizens for Stephen Wantz
441 E. Baltimore Street
Taneytown, Maryland 21787

Thank you all for your generous support!

As a lifelong resident of Carroll County, I have spent most of my life volunteering and serving on various committees, in various organizations and community activities. I believe I am in touch with the real needs of the citizens of Carroll County. I am a Past President of Carroll County’s Volunteer Emergency Services Association and Pleasant Valley Community Fire Company.


  • A leader with 38 years of volunteer community service, proven, collaborative, effective leadership and integrity
  • Committed to conservative government with open communication, focused on local issues
  • Ready to go to work for all citizens, across party lines, being present and prepared at Commissioner meetings
  • Supported by organizations made up of the hard working teachers firefighters and law enforcement who work live and pay taxes in this county
  • Committed to providing quality public education ensuring public safety, and maintaining county infrastructure, without raising taxes. Preserving quality education is essential to attracting business and providing tax base for future stability
  • A small business owner in Carroll County since 1983
  • In support of our nonprofits, families, seniors, military, and veterans in need

I believe in:

  • A Vision – as an elected official I will provide leadership, experience and open dialogue.
  • Protecting Carroll’s Future – listening to the issues and making sound decisions, while working for my constituents, will provide a bright future for our county.
  • Responding To Carroll’s Future – we have an obligation to provide quality education, ensure public safety, and maintain our county infrastructure. We have the duty to promote the economic, social, and environmental well being of our communities.
  • Learn more about my education, employment history,
    and community service on the About Steve page.

Steve is married to Kathy and has two daughters and three grandchildren. He is retired from the Baltimore County Fire Department after a thirty-year career and has been involved with fire and emergency services in Carroll since 1976. He has served on numerous committees including Carroll 2030 and has been involved in many aspects of local government. He is also a small business owner since 1983 and has worked with many organizations and agencies.

Time continues to fly. The June elections will be here before you know it.  I will continue to provide effective leadership with integrity, accountability, honesty, open communication, collaboration and engaging people to reach common goals. Education is underfunded, our non-profits and others are underfunded. I will protect the needs of all citizens and maintain excellent public safety, infrastructure, and excellent public education in a conservative and fiscally responsible manner. Together we can continue to make it happen. Please continue to support our campaign by talking with everyone you can. We would love to hear from you with your thoughts on how we can make Our County A Better Place To Live For You and Your Family.

Let’s continue Carroll in a direction, preparing for the future to keep Carroll County a great place to live, work and play.